gearbox and crankcase

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gearbox and crankcase

Beitrag von gigo » Samstag 29. Oktober 2011, 09:46

Hi. Recently i bought the 2003 Bulldogs with 29 000 milage. During passage to my home (400km) each time when starting the movement and shifting from first to second gear (after 3 - 10 seconds) or 2500rmp and up It jumped out of secound gear to neutral or first gear. With all other speeds are no problem. How can it be prevented? Can there be more than one problem?

How often and what crankcase oil to change?

Hope to hear from you some thoughts. I hope i dont have to change gearbox...?


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Re: gearbox and crankcase

Beitrag von Axman » Sonntag 30. Oktober 2011, 08:41

Hi gigo..

first and foremost, would you please fill in your "profile" ? We like to know who we are talking to and from where you are... maybe someone from this forum lives near you and is able to help personally..

To your problem : here we have never heard of gearbox problems and there is no history of "jumping gears". This box is really sturdy and reliable an the gears change really easy. Could it be - the bike being new to you - that you inadvertedly touch the gearchange-lever with your foot? You don´t need much pressure to change the gears, so...

I change the oil every 10.000 Km´s or once a year. As you don´t need sophisticated synthetic oils. use normal 10W40 motorcycle oil (I can´t see where you come from, here we use oil from Polo/Louis/Castrol etc..) This works excellently for 9 years and nearly 70.000 Km´s in my Bulldog.


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Re: gearbox and crankcase

Beitrag von Erik1305 » Sonntag 30. Oktober 2011, 10:20

Hi Gigo,

I've had nearly the same problem :
it was caused by a too strong adjustment of the gearshaft lever.
Please check , that there is a slightly tolerance.

In addition, I think :oops: , that some oil specifications ( mostly synthetic types with additives ) take some influences to the dog's wet oil clutch system.
Please check, that the oil fits to our needs.

Good luck !
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