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Big Ade
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XVI Trefen enjoy

Beitrag von Big Ade » Mittwoch 19. Juni 2019, 18:13

To all my friends at Treffen 16, I hope you have a great time in that lovely part of Germany. I wish I could be with you for the rides, the beer and good food, I am thinking of you and tonight I shall toast your gathering with a pint of draught Theakstons Old Peculiar at The Castle Inn in Skipton (North Yorkshire).

I just can't bring myself to sell my dog and David has convinced me to wheel it out for TT 2020 next June so I shall be there for my 42nd wedding anniversary and 70th birthday party! I honestly never thought I would make 60 never mind 70!

I still have a bike trailer and a car with a tow bar so I may yet do Treffen XVIII in 2021, that would be nice, it would be very nice.

Enjoy your the meeting, enjoy the rides but most important, be safe and be lucky.



Actually I might have more than one pint because it is sooooo nice and I'm not driving.


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Re: XVI Trefen enjoy

Beitrag von WullDee » Mittwoch 19. Juni 2019, 18:17

looki g forward to seeing you in 2021 latest.
Die linke Hand zum Gruß,


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Black Dog
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Re: XVI Trefen enjoy

Beitrag von Black Dog » Samstag 29. Juni 2019, 23:40

Hi Ade,
you really missed an awful community there at Pfunds - it didn't matter which bike you did have with you there, it was just the spirit of weird boys and girls having a great time!
That unique spirit among bikers is it why my son and me are planning to stay at Douglas during Race Week next year - unfortunately without bikes. Maybe we can meet there for a couple of pints next year :beer:

Cheers Michael