Congratulation Big Ade


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Congratulation Big Ade

Beitrag von Steve » Dienstag 9. April 2019, 12:13

Hello Adrian,
I wish you all the best for your birthday. :new-bday:
Celebrate well, enjoy today ... whether with the Bulldog or
your convertible.
First of course, Party with your family :elephant:

Many Greetings
Steve :beer:
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Re: Congratulation Big Ade

Beitrag von WullDee » Dienstag 9. April 2019, 14:08

as already written, happy birthday!
Best wishes, stay healthy, and don't move, bend or run ;)
Die linke Hand zum Gruß,


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Re: Congratulation Big Ade

Beitrag von hotdog » Dienstag 9. April 2019, 16:33

Moi Adrian,
wishing you all the best for your birthday. :new-bday:

Greetings from Holland. :beer:
Gentleman Bulldog Rider :cool:
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Re: Congratulation Big Ade

Beitrag von Eddie » Dienstag 9. April 2019, 17:03

Hi Ade,

I wish you all the best for your birthday an have a nice day. I will drink a beer for you, or two.

Stay healthy...

Greetings, Eddie
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Re: Congratulation Big Ade

Beitrag von Luzy » Dienstag 9. April 2019, 21:01

Best wishes from Ralf and me :new-bday:
Ich bin meistens teuflisch gut drauf! Bild


Big Ade
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Re: Congratulation Big Ade

Beitrag von Big Ade » Mittwoch 10. April 2019, 09:52


Thanks for all the good wishes. I had a great day with some wonderful gifts to add to my growing whisky collection. The next stage is to deplete the stock, mmmm nice.

Enjoying my main present for the next two days at hotel/spa in Northumberland (near Alnwick) 5 star food, fine wines, rare single malt whisky and pampering in the spa, very very nice.

I hope you all enjoy 2019 Treffen and I promise I will be at a Treffen in future.

Until then ride safe and be lucky, I really mean that.