Back door Jock

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Back door Jock

Beitrag von Big Ade » Dienstag 13. Oktober 2015, 10:03

An Englishman relocates to the Scottish Highlands to live in a small crofters cottage on the edge of a tiny isolated village. He is treated with some deference and he really feels that he is not welcome until one day a very big highlander with wild ginger hair and great flaring beard knocks on his door.
“I’m Angus McFee from up the Glen.” He says as the door is opened and goes on. “You’ll be the Sassenach that has taken over Robbie’s house then.”
The Englishman says he is and goes on to say how pleased he is to be at last welcomed into the community but he is interrupted by the ginger giant who has not stopped staring at him with his piercing blue eyes.
“You’re invited to a party tomorrow night at my house.” It was more of an order than a request.
“Thank you, shall I bring a bottle and some nibbles with me?” Asks the Englishman.
“There will be plenty of food and plenty of strong drink, there will be music and dancing and more drink and then there will be lots of hard rough sex.”
“Wow! What shall I wear?” Says the Englishman.
“Come as you are, there’ll just be the two of us.” And with that the highlander leaves taking great strides up the Glen.

There’s a cottage up for sale in the highlands, looks as if the owner left in great haste.