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Mick P
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Home again

Beitrag von Mick P » Montag 23. Juni 2008, 22:09

Hi Every one

Thanks for making us so welcome, it was great to see you all again and to make some new friends i arrived home about 4pm
Mr Been is asking when is the next one, he has started to pack allready :-D

Thanks again

Best wishes Mick


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Beitrag von WullDee » Montag 23. Juni 2008, 22:30

Hey Mick,
good to hear you arrived safe at home.
Looking forward to seeing you next year at the 6th Int'l Bulldog Meeting !!!
Die linke Hand zum Gruß,


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Beitrag von Blubber » Montag 23. Juni 2008, 22:46

Hi Mick,

again it was a pleasure to have you guys at the meeting. It would not be the same without
the influence of british humour.

All the best from Verena and Blubber

P.S. See you all next year
Meine Meinung steht fest - bitte verwirren Sie mich nicht
mit Tatsachen !


John w
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Beitrag von John w » Dienstag 24. Juni 2008, 09:34

Hi Everyone,

Thanks again for a GREAT weekend! lol_2.gif

Best wishes from John W & The Beautiful Hilde W love1.gif


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Beitrag von moppedwolf » Dienstag 24. Juni 2008, 10:20

Hey guys,
its good to hear from you that you arrived at home!! :wink:

Daisy was asking too, where's the wild Hilde, cause she felt soooo lonely at her cliff! :twisted: :twisted:
So they (and we) will see us at the 6th!!

John, I'll take your promise: "I'll be back!!!" :-D :-D

So long + stay tuned :wave:
WolfsGruss :wave: Unfall? Früher hatte ich zwei linke Hände, heute eine rechte! :mrgreen:
Cop'n'crashfree season!!![/i] :wink: