Weather Report?

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Weather Report?

Beitrag von jonny teabag » Dienstag 17. Juni 2008, 01:26

Hi all,

Can any of our German friends keep an eye on the weather over the North Holland/North Germany area over the next few days and let us know if we need to bring inflatable boats!! :lol:

See you all soon!

Jonny T :roll:


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Beitrag von Axman » Dienstag 17. Juni 2008, 07:48

Hi Jonny,

unbelievable but true : the weather-report says, that it is going to stay mostly dry and even sunny at times :shock: Maybe a little sprinkling now and then, but the temperatures will be around 20° celsius..
So leave your scuba-gear at home and have fun coming over..

See you soon

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