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3. International Bulldog-Meeting 2006 informations

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3rd International meeting

Beitrag von Cambo » Freitag 29. September 2006, 21:42

Hello all,

I have finally found time to get onto the forum.

May feels like such a long time ago now, but at least I have some photo’s to remind me of how great the whole trip was.

Have made a few minor changes to the bike since May, planning some more to up the anti on the power stakes.

Hope you are all well and look forward to next meeting.

All the best

Dave H


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Beitrag von Axman » Montag 2. Oktober 2006, 09:28

Hi Dave H,

where were these pictures taken ?? Can´t be Willingen...Mick P. seems to be sober.. :wink:


from the Axman

Mick P
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Beitrag von Mick P » Dienstag 3. Oktober 2006, 01:46

Hi Axman

You missed the picture in between I am kindly being helped back to my feet that's why John is laughing and I am also about to cry because my glass is empty. :beer:

Mick :lol: