Discussion 15. International Meeting 2018

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Discussion 15. International Meeting 2018

Beitrag von WullDee » Montag 8. Januar 2018, 23:16

Hi to all english speaking friends out there!
You are certainly very curious about this year's schedule and location of the 15th International Bulldog Meeting. Of course you are! :wink:
Marcel (MAG) took over planning and just announced a few informations in advance.

Hotel-Restaurant Haus Nicklass
Künzelsauer Straße 1
D-74653 Ingelfingen
We've got the whole house for the BOC.
Please don't be afraid by the informations on the Hotel's webpage, there are 40 single and 40 twin/double rooms available.
These are spread over four houses which are located next to each other.

Single incl half-board: 74.00€ per Person/Night
Double incl half-board: 66.00€ per Person/Night

BOC fee is not decided yet but will be appr 18.00€ to 20.00€

The official 'button' for signing up will follow hopefully by end of January, this is just for your information and planning.

Directions: https://goo.gl/maps/KTQYpsMLGxG2
Hotel: http://www.haus-nicklass.de/

Would love to see you again and have one or two :beer:
Cheers, Waldi
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Re: Discussion 15. International Meeting 2018

Beitrag von Bluedog-NL » Dienstag 23. Januar 2018, 14:35

Hi Waldi,

Thanks for the info. 👊🏻👍🏻✌🏻👌🏻

After a couple of years the forum has really changed...😅

I have a couple of options:
Warrior meeting en Suisse
MT tour
BOC 15th

I would like to visit them all, but than I can probably sell my motorcycle after the divorce.

Gruss, Henk 'Bluedog'
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