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To Sachsenring

Verfasst: Mittwoch 8. Februar 2017, 12:59
von Big Ade
Gentlemen (and Luzy)

After Treffen 14 I am staying in Germany and on the Sunday will be travelling down to Ingoldstadt to meet up with 7 other UK bikers. The team leader has organised a trip from Ingoldstatd on 19th to Kircheim and tours in the area ending up in Oberjoch on 23rd.

From the 23rd my brother in law and I will take a tour to arrive at Schneeberg in the afternoon on 29th June where we will stay for MotoGP until we leave there in the morning on 3rd July and we will be making our way back to Calais (France) with 2 overnight stops.

For the free 6 days we want to do mountains, bends and scenery. We can't go into Czech because we have no insurance cover. I would like to see Austria, Italian/Swiss Apls and eat/drink amazing things.

We both have TomTom 410 so if you have any suggestions or can share a route please PM me. It would be really great to meet up/ride with any of our brothers in BOC that includes UK lot too.

This is my biggest adventure on a bike it will be amazing.


Re: To Sachsenring

Verfasst: Mittwoch 8. Februar 2017, 23:47
von copklaus2.0
You have got PM.