Fotos from meeting in Masserberg

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Fotos from meeting in Masserberg

Beitrag von Blubber » Donnerstag 11. Juni 2015, 18:19

Dear friends,

I truly hope that you all returned well at your homes.
Again it was a great pleasure for us to have you all in Germany for the 12th international meeting. We appreciate that you all make the effort every year. From my opinion the meetings wouldn't be the same without you, despite the fact you give me a hard time, as I have to translate all the blabla :roll: :roll: :roll: for you. Just kidding, I do this with pleasure.
Just in case you are not aware that there are tons of fotos from the meeting online, please visit this topic:

Here you will fin the general link to the fotos Jörg has combined together from various users, and of course single links to fotos from the different users.

Have fun watching them and we are waiting to see yours as well.

All the best, take care and stay healthy.

Blubber aka Ralf
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Re: Fotos from meeting in Masserberg

Beitrag von Big Ade » Samstag 13. Juni 2015, 21:34

Ralf & all our friends on the forum.

Thanks to everyone for the wonderful Treffen 12 in Masserberg and especially the organising committee and all the helpers that came together to make our visit so very enjoyable. You even arranged good weather for us too on our journey there and back, that was a very nice change. I appreciate that these events do not just happen and that there is a great deal of work that goes on behind the scenes into making everything run smoothly with no apparent effort.

The hotel, the hotel staff, the food and the beer were magnificent. You were great hosts and we truly enjoyed both your company and the experience.

The pictures show what a great time was had and the diversity of the event.

Thanks once again.

Ade & Dave