I'm back!!


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I'm back!!

Beitrag von Big Ade » Sonntag 28. Februar 2016, 10:33

I missed you all.

Ages ago I decided to change my password and from then until now I lost my access to the forum. Decided to try once more this morning and it worked! I am back in the loop.

We had a serious attempt to raid our bank account from a clever hacker, they didn't succeed but it was a close thing. It started with a very convincing email that included our 'secret' details to convince us that it was genuine and a phone number to call. The call was answered by the 'bank's online security' section who promised to put everything right by switching our money to a more secure account. This was a slow build up and throughout the discussions they kept dropping in information that we thought only the bank knew. We didn't switch any money and I called our bank on their fraud line and was told that this is a very common con trick.

So that prompted me to change all my passwords and then my log in troubles began. I found a brilliant handbook that has helped me it is called N.Igma and it safely keeps all my totally unique passwords in one place and they cannot be read by anyone else. It was only £15!

So now we feel really safe with very difficult to crack passwords and no duplicates. It does pin numbers too.

That's not an advertisement, just letting you know of something that was really helpful.

On 28th March we begin our sailing tour of the canals of the UK. I will be taking a break to go to the TT in June (see some of you there too) then on the water until autumn after that we will spend winter at home. For the winter I am planning a project to re-build a Sinclair C5 using a Kawasaki 400cc power plant, the C5 in my garage has been waiting 10 years for this.

Cheers for now.



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Re: I'm back!!

Beitrag von Blubber » Sonntag 28. Februar 2016, 18:21

Welcome back.
Very interesting story Ade.
Fortunately nothing serious happened.

Stay safe
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mit Tatsachen !


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Re: I'm back!!

Beitrag von asc » Sonntag 28. Februar 2016, 21:52


welcome back.
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cheers and take care