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Beitrag von Big Ade » Samstag 2. Mai 2015, 21:08

OK this is the forth time I tried to get this to work, not a forum problem it is me. I am good with a pencil, pen and brush but struggle with computers, iPhones and video recorders.

So, my son David (little Ade) has had some artwork done and printed up these hoodies. They are top quality heavy duty items in black in sizes small to XXL. If you want one they are £35 plus postage (Herpes are cheap) just let me know your size and send me your money and address on a PM.

See you all at Teffen 12 and that is not long away.


PS New clutch cable fitted to my dog now and it works a treat.
Britsh Bulldog Owners Club hoody - 3.JPG
Britsh Bulldog Owners Club hoody - 1.JPG
Britsh Bulldog Owners Club hoody - 2.JPG