Going to the 6th International Bulldog Treffen?

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Going to the 6th International Bulldog Treffen?

Beitrag von John w » Samstag 4. April 2009, 00:13

Hi Bulldoggers!

Three of us are riding to the meeting via south east France (9th June), to Switzerland (10th June) and onto Austria (11th June). :badairday: :badairday: :badairday:

Anyone want to join us?

We never get lost! :---)

Well maybe just a little! :---) :---) :---)

John W

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Beitrag von Cambo » Samstag 4. April 2009, 00:15

Better make that 4 john. Dave Shepard not up for it this year, credit crunch has hit the black country. :cry:

Never mind, I will drink his share of beer! :wink:

Not sure what bike I will on this time, it will be a diferent one to last year. Its a good job I don't change wives so often :roll:


Dave H :lol: