New Bulldog owner needs advice please?

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New Bulldog owner needs advice please?

Beitrag von Bikermania62 » Mittwoch 26. März 2008, 20:43

Hi there everyone! Don't know if I'm doing this right and won't know until after :-) I have just last week part-exed my Suzuki 600 Bandit for a low mileage 05 Bulldog and I have to say that I really don't know why it got such a slating from the media? Sure,it doesn't perform as hot or as nice as it looks,but gives smooth comfortable cruiser-like performance in a very nice set of clothes etc. It compliments my Yamaha Fazer 1000 wonderfully and I hope both the Bulldog I have have many years ahead of us together!
Now where I need your help please..... I tried out an 03 model prior to opting for the 05 model and was pretty sure that the seat was of a slightly different shape? It seemed as if the earlier model had less room for the rider to move around and thus for a slimmish bloke like me seemed more comfortable and I have since read on TWO web sites that one of the few changes the bike went through in 2005 was a re-shaped seat! Anyhow,when I enquired with two Yamaha dealers and Yamaha themselves about said "earlier" seat,they said there is only one part number for ALL the models (02-06?) and this would mean that NO changes were made to the seat in any way. Can someone help me with this as I'd like to get hold of an earlier seat,but Yamaha and Co seem to be inferring there was only the one! Thanks,Brendan.


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Beitrag von WullDee » Mittwoch 26. März 2008, 20:52

Hi Brendan,
at first, welcome to the Board!
I've tried an original seat <2005 and was very disappointed about the shape. It felt like having a (very) small backrest behind / under my back.
Haven't noticed that on my >2005, neither before nor after testing the other seat.
Since that, I think that there was a change, too.
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Beitrag von Blubber » Mittwoch 26. März 2008, 21:54

Hi Brendan,

just an idea. One order number only for both seats can mean, that both are fitting onto both bikes.
The cushion might still be different though. I will test this at the weekend, as me and my wife own
one model each.

Welcome to the board and keep the rubber down.

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Beitrag von Axman » Mittwoch 26. März 2008, 22:03

Hi Brendan,

welcome to the "German Bulldog Forum" and congrats to your choice.. There definitely is a difference between the seats of the earlier (before 2005) Bulldogs and the current one..but both aren´t really good.
As nearly everyone here has changed the seat for a aftermarket one - like "Bagster" etc.. - or modified the existing one (my seat for example is higher - I didn´t like the "dip" that impedes moving around - a little wider and has a gel-cushion adapted to it. Now it is exactly how I want it and it cost me roughly 120€.) it shouldn´t be a problem getting one...if you really want to.
Most of the Bulldogs are modified in other areas too : stiffer, progressive fork springs and thicker fork-oil are a must for spirited riding. A little "uncorking" of the engine makes it run much smoother and gives it a little more ooomph where it is needed the most. The standard tyres are best suited as fenders for boats...get rid of them soonest and replace for Michelins, Pirellis, Contionental or Bridgestones. The standard Mirror-arms are way too short - the only thing you see are your elbows..replace them for longer ones..

I could go on but I´ll give you time to start first.. :wink: To get some ideas click onto the "Album" button of the users here and get inspired..


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Thanks for replying :-)

Beitrag von Bikermania62 » Donnerstag 27. März 2008, 18:28

Hi everyone and thank you for your replies so far... very friendly :-) Would you believe that after locating a 2003 model and asking to look under owners seat (for the part number I might add!), I found that the seats DID have different part numbers and did feel different and.... low and behold.... Yamaha when provided with this info suddenly say "ooh,it seems there WAS two seats after all sir"? Phew!

Anyhow,I prefer the earlier seat and so am ordering one. Thanks to this site I have also found and ordered a center stand for the BT1100 via SW-MOTECH. I'm impressed at the civility and helpfulness that's on here and hope that continues through my Bulldog ownership period which looks like it could be some time to come and SOD the media in the UK who think all of us want bikes to speed and get back and neck ache on ;~)

Brendan,aka Bikermania62


John w
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Beitrag von John w » Freitag 28. März 2008, 19:25

Hello Brendon,

Welcome! I'm sure you will enjoy your Bulldog - the media 'experts' :silly: got it wrong!

This is a great forum for knowledge and expertise. There is always an answer to any question.

Also see and have a look at the 'Time's Running Out...' post.

Greetings ~ John W (Hereford UK) welcomeani.gif