All about the BT1100

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Beitrag von bikedar » Donnerstag 6. März 2008, 16:38

hi everyone,
new to this site but look forward to learning lots about the bt!!
just got my bulldog last week its a 2003 model!
oh is there anyone else from Ireland on this forum?

ride safe


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Beitrag von Luzy » Donnerstag 6. März 2008, 17:23

Bild bikedar!

I wish you a lot of fun with your bulldog!
Ich bin meistens teuflisch gut drauf! Bild


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Beitrag von WullDee » Donnerstag 6. März 2008, 17:34

Hi from Lower Saxony.
and welcome to the Bulldog and this forum.
I believe to remember that I've noticed another irish user moving around here - but forgotten the name.
Die linke Hand zum Gruß,


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Beitrag von hotdog » Donnerstag 6. März 2008, 19:03

Hello bikedar,

Welcome to the forum, I wish you many sunny miles with the bull.

Greeting from Bild
Gentleman Bulldog Rider :cool:
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Beitrag von malagaklaus » Donnerstag 6. März 2008, 21:15

Hi Darren,
welcome to the club. Have a pint more, I`m paying.
best regards, Klaus


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Beitrag von John w » Freitag 7. März 2008, 00:12

Hi Darren,

Welcome! You will enjoy this bike for sure :thumbleft:

This is a great forum for any advice and tips if you intend doing anything at all to your Bulldog.

There's another English forum at http://www.eboards4all.com/240386/ but it's not as well populated as this one! But there are some Irish guys on there - so check it out!

Best wishes from the UK!

John W :wave:


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Beitrag von Blubber » Freitag 7. März 2008, 07:26

Good morning Darren,

fearadh na fáilte to the board and best wishes from
the Black Forest in southern Germany.

I am 100% sure that you will have a lot of fun with the bike
and with the board and the members.

Keep the rubber down


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Beitrag von jonny teabag » Freitag 7. März 2008, 18:59

Hi Darren and welcome aboard :)

This is by far the most interesting site for Bulldog owners anywhere in the world :-D

Get yourself along to the International weekend meet in Germany this year and fly the Irish flag for your country :cool: - Idon't know if there's any other peeps attending from the beautiful Emerald Isle :)
Kind regards,
jonny teabag :roll:

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Beitrag von bikedar » Samstag 8. März 2008, 19:41

thanks lads for the welcome,i have been reading some of topics here and they have me thinking
about doing a little tuning!!!!!!!!!!!!
problem is were to start ? I guess with the carbs and see were we go from there,
any sugestions on pipes anyone?
I have already taken the stoppers out of the carbs but can't decide carb kit ;ie dynojet or allens kit?