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All about the BT1100

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Hello All

Beitrag von mayhem » Mittwoch 27. Februar 2008, 16:27

Hi all,just picked up my 2005 bulldog this morning and love it instantly,she's just under 3 year's old and only done 900 miles,look's like it just came out of the showroom.I look forward to learning more about them through this forum,cu out here.


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Beitrag von WullDee » Mittwoch 27. Februar 2008, 17:11

Hello mayhem,
welcome to the board !!!
Maybe we'll meet at the 5. International Bulldog Meeting?
This will be held in Germany, near Paderborn. At least four british Bulldog riders will travel to "Europe" these days.

Learn more >>>HERE<<<
Die linke Hand zum Gruß,


Meine Videos bei YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/WullDee


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Beitrag von hotdog » Mittwoch 27. Februar 2008, 17:18

Hey mayhem,

Welcome I wish you a lot of fun with the Bull and many miles.

Best wishes hotdog
Gentleman Bulldog Rider :cool:
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Beitrag von bulldog1 » Mittwoch 27. Februar 2008, 19:55

:wink: welcome mayhem, to the board ent hef a lot of fun with your dog. :-D :-D
regards Johan :cool: :cool:
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Beitrag von jonny teabag » Mittwoch 27. Februar 2008, 20:29

Hi Mayhem and welcome aboard!!

This is the font of all knowledge regarding the most underestimated bike of modern times :)

Have you looked at the British Bulldog forum at http://www.eboards4all.com/240386/ you find many of the UK peeps on here also post on the Brit boards.

Have fun,

Jonny Teabag :roll:

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Beitrag von mayhem » Donnerstag 28. Februar 2008, 19:43

:-D Cheer's all for the welcome. :-D


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Beitrag von John w » Montag 3. März 2008, 11:25

Hello and Welcome Mayhem,

I hope you enjoy your 'Dog as much as the rest of us! :twisted:

Check out the forum that JT suggested. There's a couple of tours running this year if you are interested. One to Germany in June and a UK Tour at the end of April. Send me a PM if you want to know more.

Cheers ~ John W :occasion7: (partied-out!)


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Beitrag von Luzy » Montag 3. März 2008, 11:48


Have a good time with your bulldog and all the bulldogdrivers in the coolest forum i know... :cool:
Ich bin meistens teuflisch gut drauf! Bild