"They're all like that sir". Speedo query

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"They're all like that sir". Speedo query

Beitrag von lazy » Dienstag 6. November 2007, 13:55

Hi all,
I'm new to this site & am thinking of getting a Bulldog.

I've been looking at one in a dealers & am very tempted.

However, on the speedo the main markings are in KPH with smaller MPH figures on the inside.
Is this normal for a UK bike?
The dealer (Yamaha franchise) says they're all like that, & assures me it's a proper UK bike.

Is he having me on? I would check on another bike but never seem to see any.

Thanks in anticipation,


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Beitrag von Axman » Dienstag 6. November 2007, 14:25

Hi Les,

here in Germany the speedos on the Bulldogs have KPH-markings only...no MPH markings at all (small or otherwise :wink: )!!
So this Bulldog you are interested in seems to be a genuine UK model!!

But, just as a matter of interest : why is that important?? Technically there can´t be any difference between the UK and the "Rest of the World" model..so, why bother??


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jonny teabag
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Beitrag von jonny teabag » Mittwoch 7. November 2007, 00:16

Hi Les and welcome aboard!,
Yes the dealer is correct its an official UK model,BUT as its a Yamaha dealer he should tell you that there is a NO COST modification to all 05year Bulldog speedo's, if your unsure which year the one you are looking at is, it's the only Bulldog fitted with the STANDARD Yamaha immobilser.

The problem with the digits on the speedo is that at night ONLY the larger KPH numbers light up :shock: The Mph scale is COMPLETELY INVISIBLE :shock: :shock:

Yamaha state that this is NOT illegal and that the instruments meet all the relevant legal requirements :?

This speedo problem is the only real flaw I have experienced with my 05 Bulldog and was made aware of this via a letter from Yamaha advising me of the modification at no cost. The only problem or advantage to this mod is that they have to give you a new combined speedo and odometer and that the "old" mileage cannot be swapped to the new so effectively the new unit starts at zero. :-D

Hope that reassures you and answers your question.

JT :wink:

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Beitrag von lazy » Mittwoch 7. November 2007, 09:54

Thanks for your replies, just what I needed to know.

I'll have a word with the dealer & add add another post as & when I get the bike.

Cheers for now,