OK Time For An Update.......

All about the BT1100

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OK Time For An Update.......

Beitrag von jonny teabag » Donnerstag 26. Juli 2007, 23:33

On my Bullhog, :?
Well due to the absolutely diabolical weather we are suffering in the UK at the moment the total miles covered so far has been just 90 miles, so I've turned my attention to the thing that most motorcyclists do when you can't ride due to bad weather and that's spend lots of money on improvements!:lol:

So I've fitted 2 Fuel stainless oval mufflers and just fitted the Allens/Topham de-restriction kit today in between watching the torrential rain falling outside. All that I need now is the patience of a saint for a good dry day to road test the beast!

The trouble is that I've only 2 weeks to go until my annual holiday with the family (Austria) and there's lots of household improvements to do before we go, maybe even if the weather improves I still might not get a ride before my holidays.

Among the next things on my "to do" list are:

SW Motech centre stand
" " luggage racks
Fuel tank bracket for GPS
Socket for GPS
Front mudguard extender

Although these are not in any particular order.

I will keep updating this as things progress.

Kind regards
JT :wink:


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Beitrag von andrasar » Freitag 27. Juli 2007, 09:54


sounds great (the mufflers but not the weather :wink: ).

Maybe you're able to post some pics in the album. It would be fine to have an idea about your "rain" modifiaction :wink:

The centre stand is a good choice. Afterwards everything's going on easier. :-D

Thanks for keeping us informed

Kind regards


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Beitrag von Axman » Freitag 27. Juli 2007, 09:59

Hi JT,

last weekend we had a regional Bulldog-meet near Hamburg and although I live 350 K´s from there I allways try to attend (In my student days I lived in Hamburg and it´s always nice to "gaze over old pastures" :wink: )
Saturday was our travelling day and the weather was absolutely brilliant...made us look forward to a sunny Sunday for the meeting.. :-D :cool:
In the night I had to get up to do the thing old men do..and heard a strange noise from outside...I took it for the rustling of leaves on the tree in front of the house..

Big Mistake..I don´t even know how to describe this rain.."torrential" would be putting it way to mildly.. :shock: :evil: it rained so hard, I thought I´d fallen into a canal already :twisted: On Monday - my return day - the wearher was back to sunshine and roses.. :roll:

So now we know exactly what you are going through..

Now to your Bullhog..

do you really want to put your GPS on a Fuel-tank-bracket?? Why? You won´t be able to use a tank-bag anymore and you would always have to look down (and away from the road!) to look for directions..

If you are talking to SW-Motech, ask them about their Fuel-Tank-Bracket for tank-bags...it´s called "Quick Lock System"..they have special GPS holders for their tank-bags (they look like little waterproof boxes - that depends on which GPS you have - with a clear plastic front and they slot onto the front of the tank-bag) then you´ll have a tank-bag and a GPS-holder..

You can get the "Fender-Extender" from www.ride-in.de

Have fun wrenching and best regards

from the Axman

p.s.: where are the pictures from your new exhaust?? Here we never heard of "Fuel" Mufflers.. :o

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Beitrag von jonny teabag » Samstag 28. Juli 2007, 17:31

Thanks for the comments guys, I meant the clip on tank bank you mentioned Mr Ax and you have answered my question as to who makes this system so I will take a look. I have tended to just put my car GPS into my old tank bank and hook it up to some ear speakers in my helmet so I tend to just listen to the directions rather than constantly looking at the GPS. I have also found that even with the brightness turned fully up on a sunny day if you do not see the screen in a certain angle you cannot see anything anyway. :roll:
The weather here in the UK has been terrible for the last 7 WEEKS! A lot of the UK has seen more rain in this time than since records began. My friend told me I should have bought a jet ski instead of a bike :lol:
I have seen a lot of great ideas browsing through the members albums recently and they can tell you so much more than asking technical questions in a foreign language.
The Fuel mufflers are made quite local to me in the English Lake District and are a smallish company and they beat everyone else on price. I was worried that the quality might not be so good but they offer a life time warranty on their parts and the mufflers are constructed of all stainless inside and out. As you say they are not very well known so may be this reflects in their pricing, which is good for us customers. They also offer round stainless and titanium round and oval mufflers too.They have a website ( http://www.fuelexhausts.com ) and will post to Europe.
I have just received a letter from Yamaha UK with the offer of replacing my speedometer unit as a number of complaints from UK customers have been received. The problem is that for the updated 05 models we now receive the same speedos as you Europeans i.e. where the kph numbers are the largest outer numbers with the tiny English mph on the inner display. This means that not only is it difficult to see the small numbers in the daylight but if you ride at night or into tunnels etc you cannot see any numbers on the speedo at all so Yamaha UK are offering a free upgrade to new improved easier to read instruments. I am going to take them up on this but will probably not be until after my holidays.
Now on to the subject of posting pictures. I will admit that I am completely stupid as far as computers are concerned but I am a member of another forum which uses the exact layout that this forum uses but I normally use a third party (photobucket.com) to host my pictures. This means that I can add pictures to my posts as clickable pictures. I have tried to do this on this forum and have not been successful. I see that I can browse my pictures from my PC and select them to put in my personal album but the subject boxes are in German and I do not understand what they mean so every time I have selected and uploaded one of my pictures when I submit it I get a error message and the task fails. Can I ask anyone out there what I am doing wrong but please try and make the reply simple. Because I really would like to post some of the modification pictures I have taken.
Sorry for the long story. :roll:
Speak to you all soon :)
JT :wink: