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Beitrag von Spyder » Sonntag 1. Oktober 2006, 20:10

Hello to you all,
I took delivery of my Bulldog in mid September and have done 600 miles (first service this week). I came to it via a TW 125 - Motto Guzzi 750 Nevada - XT 660 - TDM 900 and this is far and away the best bike I have owned. It just does what a bike should do with ease and poise. I commute 50 miles a day all year round and after the TDM (2.5 Months 2400 miles-not the bike for me) traveling is a pleasure again and I just love the look I really am a PROUD OWNER. :-D


John w
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Beitrag von John w » Montag 2. Oktober 2006, 14:37

Hi Spyder,

Welcome! I'm sure you will enjoy your Bulldog. I've had mine nearly 3 years and I still think it's great. Maybe you would like a trip to Germany next year with a few of us?
I see you live in Gloucestershire. I'm in Hereford. We could meet up for a coffee sometime if you like and talk Bulldog! :coffee2:

Cheers ~ John w :-D

Mick P
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Beitrag von Mick P » Montag 2. Oktober 2006, 17:23

Hi Spyder,

Welcome to the group I am hoping to meet up with John later in the year so there might be an excuse for yet another cup of coffee. had mine for 3 years in November and covered a few Thousand miles with John and enjoyed every one cant wait for the next hope you can join us sometime.

Looking forward to a possible meeting.
Safe riding best wishes
Mick P :-D

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Beitrag von Spyder » Montag 2. Oktober 2006, 20:14

Hi Guys, thanks for the welcome, coffee sounds great. I can't believe I nearly missed this beauty (not many still for sale).
Regards Terry :-D