Back after the Crash..

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Back after the Crash..

Beitrag von Axman » Donnerstag 13. Juli 2006, 09:39

Joerg has asked me to relay the following:

"The Bulldog-Forum has been under Hacker-Attack and thus some data have been completely deleted or modified.

That´s why we decided to take the Forum completely offline to repair it...

Unfortunately some of the data cannot be reproduced and is therfore missing.

Affected are Attachments, Smilies and Album-Pictures.

To reconstruct this we need your help.

Please look which data you have posted und send it to us again with a link to the File where it belongs.

As you can see we found all the Security-leaks (we hope)and are online again.

Greets from the Webmaster


John w
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Beitrag von John w » Mittwoch 20. September 2006, 23:57

Hi Axman,

Today (20 Sept} is the first time I have been able to get onto the forum for a long time. I see your post is dated 13 July 06.

Its good to be back!

Best Wishes ~ John w


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Beitrag von admin » Donnerstag 21. September 2006, 07:33

Hi John its a old post, between we are for 5 weeks offline. Axman are to time not in germany and if he are bak , he will translate my post for the last shut down.........
Das Leben besteht nicht nur aus "Wünsch dir Was" und einige Entscheidungen sollten einfach akzeptiert werden.

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Mick P
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Beitrag von Mick P » Donnerstag 21. September 2006, 21:17

Hi All

Like John says Its good to be back after a long time

Best wishes Mick P