Web Page Problem?

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Web Page Problem?

Beitrag von John w » Mittwoch 5. April 2006, 10:56


Does anyone experience a black screen on the login page? I cannot see anything except black boxes all over the screen! Mick P has told me that this is what he is seeing too. I can log in with no problems but Mick P cannot. Is this a problem for everyone at the moment or just an English thing?
No, we are not going blind :cool:
No, we are not drinking too much :)
No, we are not wearing sunglasses due to the ever sunny English weather :wink:

Cheers ~ John w

*joerg - Mick P asks if you could contact him please?


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Beitrag von moppedwolf » Mittwoch 5. April 2006, 11:55

Hi John,
Jörg is working on it but he cant fix it.
This problem is known by everyone since the 4-days-crash last week.

Be patient, spent a little more time with your Bulldog, but don't look out for cliffs + sheeps :twisted: meeeeeheeee :cool:

´cu in Willingen :wave:
greets, also to Mick