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Verfasst: Dienstag 4. Oktober 2016, 21:01
von davemike
Hi to all bt owners my name is dave and i live in Bristol in the uk. I dont own a bt yet but i have admired them for some time and will at some time buy one. I like shaft drive v twins and currently own a suzuki vx800 (runner) and a yamaha xz550 vision (non runner). What i would like to know is more details on the harenburg 60kw upgrade kit, what it includes and how you go about ordering it. Any info would be much appreciated. Also if there are any members in my area it would love to meet up and check out your bike. Cheers for now. Dave.

Re: new member intro

Verfasst: Mittwoch 5. Oktober 2016, 17:15
von colruddock
Welcome Dave, I'm pretty new round these parts too. Like you I'd admired them from afar for a while, a few years actually, then took the plunge earlier this year and bought one.

Aside from that, I'm afraid I can't help you with the upgrade query, and I'm a fair way from you too!

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Verfasst: Donnerstag 6. Oktober 2016, 18:48
von davemike
Hi colruddock thanks for your reply i know these bikes have not sold well in this country but i was expecting more than one reply. These bikes seem to be more plentiful in germany where a couple of companies have done some tuning work. The only problem is i dont speak german and without help it is going to be difficult to get info about these products and ultimatly order them. It would be nice to know how many bulldogs there are in the uk and how many owners would be interested in a power hike. So come on bt owners where are you?.

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Verfasst: Freitag 7. Oktober 2016, 00:13
von WullDee
Hi DaveMike,
I think the british bulldoggers are visiting this board not as often as expected, so it might be a good idea to wait a few days.
Regarding the Harenburg tuning kit I can't deliver any details, the last info I've got (years ago!) was that one bike was tuned by Harenburg but they didn't manage to get the motor closed after their measure. At least, the bulldog was 'accidently' hit by a truck and destroyed, Hatrenburgs insurance paid the owner.
Another approach would be to contact Topham / Mikuni, also located in Germany but providing a website in english: ... glish.html

Just search for the BT1100 and you will find links to the desired model year (RP051 and RP052 differ a little bit)
The kit consists of another air intake and another jets for about 100€.
In addition, you should remove the limiters in the carbs (some plastic stuff disabling the throttle to be opened to the max).
And finally, exchanging the exhaust enables the engine to 'breathe' better than before ...

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Verfasst: Freitag 7. Oktober 2016, 09:02
von colruddock
I'm sure there's a good few UK owners out there, but whether they the type to join online forums, and especially online forums whose primary users speak a different language, I don't know.
We're a bit English speaking centric as a nation, whereas for our German brethren likely get on far better with it.

My own take on the bike is that I'll have it from now until forever, so while I'd like to do some tinkering and tuning, I'm in no massive rush. Eventually I'll expect I'll work out what I want and how to get it.

The one that's getting me at the minute is gearing, I'd love to up the final drive or extend 5th to drop the revs at cruising speeds. You can be in top from 30 mph and just leave it there!

If I go on my bike to any of the shows next year (Thundersprint, Olivers Mount etc.) I'll make sure to just drop a note in the meets section, then if anyone else is in the area we could have a mini meet up..... I've personally never seen more than one Bulldog in a place at any one time!

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Verfasst: Freitag 7. Oktober 2016, 11:01
von Big Ade
Dave and Colin

Dave welcome to the best on-line bike forum and one of the few that has not sunk into oblivion because of Ars*book (whatever that is).

True, the Bulldog is a vary rare bike in the UK, there were probably less than 500 ever registered here since 2002 (no data just a guese based on what appears on the pre-owned sales market).

I bought my 2002 dog in 2005 and will never sell it, my son has a 2002 model too and he says that he will hang on to his forever. They are solid, reliable, honest bikes that look and sound good and they last. I paid £3,250 for mine back in 2005 and 11 yeras on it would still make at least £2,500 today, this is BMW rates of depreciation.

Forget tuning the motor, if you want wheelies and arm stretching acceleration buy a 'busa, the dog as all about something else. Lots of torque, very good handling, fantastic brakes (R1) and an easy ride. You really should let it off the leash and do the tweeks to the carb/cans and if you really want to guild the lilly fit a Wilbers rear shocker.

I've done 36,000 on mine been to Germany (Treffen) 3 times, Italy, South France & Spain, all over UK and to the TT on it 4 times.

Mine is off the road at the end of this month for no other reason than I have a sh*t load of internal building work at home to get done before end of February.

Me and my dog will be going to Treffen 17 in Germany next year and may also go to WSBK at Assen to see Valantino race (in his last year?).

The best place to find out about anything on the dog is HERE on this forum, our German friends are extremely helpfull and a great bunch.

Keep posting and maybe we could all meet up one day.


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Verfasst: Samstag 8. Oktober 2016, 22:35
von Doc44
Hello Dave,
I've not had my BT long and only done around 1500 miles or so but like it very much and will not be getting rid anytime soon. It's a 2002 model and only had just over 2000 miles on it when I bought it!

I have been considering an aftermarket exhaust and for me it seems to be between the Fuel one or the SP engineering one due to cost really as I don't want to spend too much and the power gains will most likely be similar.

Colrudock - is that an SP engineering pipe you have on your bike?

I have found that dynojet do a BT kit and along with a k&n filter might make sense, any feedback here chaps?

WullDee, any more info about removing the limiters from the carbs?
PS based on the south coast and never seen another BT in this neck of the woods.

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Verfasst: Sonntag 9. Oktober 2016, 01:05
von WullDee
Hi Jim,
Doc44 hat geschrieben:WullDee, any more info about removing the limiters from the carbs?
unfortunately not! I'm not a mechanic and need to get my dog to the workshop for every little modification, maintenance, etc.

But as far as I know there are some plastic parts inside the carb which can be removed easily.

Re: new member intro

Verfasst: Sonntag 9. Oktober 2016, 20:15
von davemike
Well some big news for you bulldogers i have put some money down on a bike but have not collected it yet. But it looks like
i am joining the clan. Watch this space more news when i pick it up. Dave.

Re: new member intro

Verfasst: Montag 10. Oktober 2016, 14:19
von colruddock
Good stuff Dave...

Doc - The are SP Engineering as far as I can tell. They're badged as 'Demon' on the top silencer strap. They're also chuffing loud!

I love the noise they make (I don't have db killers), there's pop's and bang's aplenty. It is too loud at times, there's been plenty of pedestrians shaking their heads and calling me a div (or words to that effect!). I don't think I'd fancy them too much quieter after having it this loud for a while, or sorting out the slightly rich fuelling to remove the pop/bang. Still does 200 miles to a tank even fuelling a bit rich.

I might do a video of them, but I know the mic won't do them justice.

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Verfasst: Montag 24. Oktober 2016, 21:26
von davemike
Hi guys picked up my bike today its a 2004 model with fuel silencers and non standard bars the rear end has been chopped about so i
would like to put it back to original. Its also got some 2nd rate murals on the tank which also has a dent, so i might buy a leather tank
cover which would kill 2 birds with 1 stone. I have no idea at the moment about controls or warning lights but there is an orange light
on the dash, can someone tell me what this means as i have no hand book. Cheers. Dave.

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Verfasst: Montag 24. Oktober 2016, 22:41
von Big Ade

you don't say what position the light is on the display but the orange light is very probably the low fuel warning light or more seriously it could be the engine oil low level (low pressure) warning light. Do not use fully synthetic oil (use good 10w 50) or oil that has friction reducing adatives (you will make the clutch slip).

Search on the net and you can find BT1100 service manuals on CD for about £5.


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Verfasst: Dienstag 25. Oktober 2016, 18:37
von davemike
Thanks for the info ade i didnt spot the petrol pump sign on the warning light so you were right low fuel which probably means no
reserve tap thats a bit scary !! Can you tell me how to adjust the clock. Even if i buy the service manual it probably wont tell me
these things. I will try and keep an eye out for the original owners manual. But i am not holding my breath. Dave.

Re: new member intro

Verfasst: Mittwoch 26. Oktober 2016, 17:11
von Big Ade

There are two little buttons on the right side of the dials. I think you need to hold them both down at once to get the numbers flashing and then press one of them (not sure which, might be the top one) advance each digit on the clock and confirm each digit by pressing the other button. when all 4 digits are entered you have a clock. It will go back to zero if you disconnect the battery.

Another very important thing is the starting proceedure.

The starter motor is a weak link and VERY expensive to repair. So, you must always do this when you start your dog.

Switch on so that all is ready to go, wait until the fuel pump has stopped clicking and THEN press the start button. KEEP the start button pressed until BOTH cylinders are firing up and ONLY THEN release it.



Re: new member intro

Verfasst: Mittwoch 26. Oktober 2016, 21:12
von davemike
Cheers ade your becoming my savior, i have some broken panels at the rear so i am going to get her a bit tidied up before she goes on
the road. Also one of the silencer cans is dented so i am going to drill out the rivets straighten it up the re-rivet. I am hoping this goes
ok as they are £400 a pair ouch!! Cheers for now Dave.