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Exhaust baffles?

Verfasst: Dienstag 12. April 2016, 17:01
von legolars999
Hello! Bulldog owner from Norway here.
I was wondering if its possible to remove the baffles on the exhaust to improve sound without cutting or destroying anything?
If not, i'd rather just order a new set of mufflers than destroy the originals... Anyone got Blueflame exhaust? Considering those

Re: Exhaust baffles?

Verfasst: Freitag 15. April 2016, 13:24
von Big Ade

Welcome to the forum, the baffles cannot be removed without cutting open the silencers and chopping out the internals. Then you have to weld them back together (stainless steel so TIG welding needed). I have a pair of shortenned, empty 'silencers' and they do sound throaty. With these on it is easy to trigger parked car alarms when you are under load, some neighbours don't find it as funny as me.

Easiest way is to get some replacement cans and get the carbs. set up to match the free flowing exhaust.