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Board menue config

Verfasst: Sonntag 20. Juni 2004, 18:40
von admin
Where is the menu????
Since today those is active board menu administration.
This administration finds it here: ... anager.php

This Tool permitted you the appearance and the sequence of the
menu to determine.

With first calls of the forum, are only the on the left of above
zushen, which also the guest can see. With o.g. Left can you you the
on the left of add. simply left press and the desired add/remove left
select. If the selection met you, on mailing to press and in the new
window the order of the left to stop. If your that not to make want
gives it down a left standard sequence.

Attention the following points are firm:
- homepage index
- forum index
- Shop (announcement only user)
- private one message (announcement only user)
- Login/Logout

Verfasst: Mittwoch 23. Juni 2004, 12:16
von admin
If the announcement of the forum pulled itself into the width, then
board menu administration the assortment must be changed menu on the
left of in that.

The attitude is as follows: Left per line = 12

This causes with longer names of the left the menu into the
width is pulled, and so no more on the screen does not fit.