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Center Stand

Verfasst: Freitag 15. Februar 2008, 15:24
von belfastsam
Hi everyone. Im thinking of buying the center stand by SW-MOTECH. Has anyone tried this stand and are they as good as they look? I have seen pictures of the stand down but none with it in the up position. Anyone got a photo of it up?

Verfasst: Freitag 15. Februar 2008, 18:54
von WullDee
just shot some pics, have a look at my album >>>click<<<

Center stand

Verfasst: Dienstag 19. Februar 2008, 19:36
von Ben
Fitted one to my Bulldog 2 weeks ago, very good quality, easy to fit and works like Factory made.

Verfasst: Donnerstag 21. Februar 2008, 12:27
von belfastsam
Thanks for the information. Those 2 little lugs dont look strong enough to lift the bike but I suppose they are there for that reason. Ben where did you buy your stand?

Verfasst: Freitag 22. Februar 2008, 19:08
von Ben
I got my stand from motorcycle road and race, very good service, cost around £110 all in
I tried to include a hyperlink but it did'nt work.