Krause LB 2 muffler kit

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Krause LB 2 muffler kit

Beitrag von dockerdirk » Montag 12. Februar 2007, 18:13

Does any of you have some expiriance with the Krause LB2 muffler kit ???

from Kause technik Dortmund :?:


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Beitrag von Mokelito » Montag 12. Februar 2007, 21:57

Hello dockerdirk!

For me it´s the best for our Dog. The sound is very good, with the original Lafranconis (only the end part is another one).
And you have more power with the kit!

I hope you can understand what I mean :lol: :lol: :lol:



Der Christian
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Beitrag von Der Christian » Dienstag 13. Februar 2007, 07:55

:thumbright: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Der Christian

V2.......................................sonst nichts :!:


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Krause Mufflers

Beitrag von Axman » Dienstag 13. Februar 2007, 09:11

Hi dockerdirk,

you are probably talking about the Krause-Engine-kit. The muffler-modifications are part of this kit.
It consists of a new aluminum airbox cover, new jets for the carburators, removal of the plastic Slide-stops, modification of the mufflers (look at my album) and fine-tuning on the in-house dynamometer.

The result of all this is not only ca. seven additional horsepower but, much more important, over 90Nm torque !! And on top of that, the vibrations at 3.000rpm are nearly gone.

I had this kit installed by Krause three years ago and still am enthusiastic.


from the Axman

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Beitrag von dockerdirk » Dienstag 13. Februar 2007, 18:05

I wanna thank everyone who has answerd my messege

And if anyone knows the price for the montage of the muffler kit ? plz let me know :lol: thanks :wink: