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Alarm removal

Verfasst: Montag 23. Oktober 2017, 23:20
von davemike
I have mentioned this in the general forum but as its technical I thought I would post my findings here. This is for bikes to 2004 as I think 2005 to 2007 when they changed the clocks they also changed the wiring loom as I found out when I bought a second hand loom on eBay from a 2007 bike (its available for sale if someone wants to make me an offer).
If your alarm is playing up you might like to just get rid of it, this is what I did. I have put a lot of time and thought into this so I thought others may benefit from my findings.
There are a lot of black wires coming out of the alarm (meta) up to about 15 but some of these stay close to the unit earths, led's etc. the wires of interest are 8 in number they go deep into the loom, but only 4 are of interest. with the aid of a Multi Meter with a buzzer to show a circuit start at the connectors above the front cylinder, there is a 4 wire plug that goes to the start button one is white/blue tracer fix a probe here, then go back to your 8 wires to find which one makes the circuit, I trimmed back outer cover at this point at just past the junction where the fuse box branches off and cut all 8 wires (there's no going back now you can mark them A-h if your feeling timid) when circuit is identified mark it number 1.
Next wire is a black wire at the starter cut off relay under the seat lock panel (the small one is the flasher unit). attach your probe at this black wire and go to your 7 remaining wires to find your circuit, mark this one number 2.
Next go up to the ignition switch there are 2 multi plugs one has 2 chunky wires ignore this one its the 4 wire plug your after locate your probe in the black wire then go back to your 6 remaining wires and find your circuit mark it number 3.
Next identify the black wire at the E.C.U (its under the battery) and bare some wire from the insulation (don't cut it you can tape it up again later) fix your probe here with a crocodile clip or similar, then go back to your cut wires only 5 left now so its getting easier identify your circuit and mark it number 4.
Now join wires 1 and 2 (I soldered and shrink wrapped) and join wires 3and 4 tape up the 4 remaining wires separately to stop them shorting and re wrap your outer sheathing. job done. this worked for me this is a uk spec bike so please don't have a go if it does not work for you just trying to help. Davemike.