Greetings from a newby to this site.

whatever you want to say about the technology

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Re: Greetings from a newby to this site.

Beitrag von Blubber » Dienstag 10. März 2015, 20:34

Hi Biggles,

thank you for your feedback.

Thats about the answer I expected. One of your words describes the Bulldogs quite well. CHARACTER
That is what I personally love at this bike, along with it's ability to pamper you with sound and good vibrations.

I wish you and your wife always a safe return from your days out on the bikes.

Greetings from the Black Forest

Meine Meinung steht fest - bitte verwirren Sie mich nicht
mit Tatsachen !


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Re: Greetings from a newby to this site.

Beitrag von ronald53 » Dienstag 10. März 2015, 21:17

Hello Biggles,
Nice to read that the BT1100 compares well to so many bikes. I bought mine 6 years ago, immediately after I got my license. I have totally no experience with other bikes, except for the one that I had for the about 15 driving lessons: a 100HP Suzuki GSR600. I prefer the BT1100, the GSR600 hardly was any fun unless when generously exceeding speed limits.
BT1100 - 2007 / 75 PS / 100Nm.


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Re: Greetings from a newby to this site.

Beitrag von Martin_CZ » Donnerstag 12. März 2015, 09:52

Hi Biggles
welcome also from me !

BTW I travel to MK several times a year for business ; will let you know before the next time, perhaps we can have a coffee and a bike-talk :)



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Re: Greetings from a newby to this site.

Beitrag von Capt_Biggles » Montag 16. März 2015, 00:32

Thanks for all the greetings. I am always up for a coffee and a chat.

There is a good place for bikers to meet at a transport cafe just outside Towcester, in Northamptonshire. It's called Jack's Hill Cafe, and they hold regular bike-nights, custom shows, and the renowned "Ton-up Day" for cafe racers and classic bikes (plus truck, hot-rods, Yanks car shows and cruises). It's pretty much central to the whole of England, and not far from the M1 motorway. Link below.