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Engine oil choice

Verfasst: Freitag 13. Februar 2009, 15:53
von Strelnikov

I would like to know your opinion about oil choice.

That manufacturer do your prefer?

The list of that is accessible in Moscow:

Liqui Moly

what do you prefer?

most of motopeaple in our country choose Motul ,
what about Europe?

Verfasst: Freitag 13. Februar 2009, 16:36
von Axman
Hi Sergey,

it really doesn´t matter what Oil-make you choose...all manufacturers you named make high-quality oil. And as the Bulldog-motor is not too powerful and, more important, not too high-revving it doesn´t need highest-quality motor-oil..

My Bulldog gets an oil-change (with filter!) twice a year with 10W40 part-sythetic oil from Polo and it still runs perfectly after seven years and nearly 50.000 km´s...even the valves have not needed an adjustment yet and even the clutch still works perfectly!!

The situation is a little different for the kardanic transmission in the rear..: The oil in there could still be the low-quality gear-oil filled in at the factory :shock: the result being, that after a fast ride in cold or humid weather, oil can spill out of the venting-dome on top of the casing. The reason is not too much oil..the reason is foam! This does not happen with a high-quality gear-oi from Castrol for example. They have a SAE 80/90 Hypoid-gear-oil GL4, GL5 or GL6...all of them work extremely well..

Any more questions?? ask away.. :wink:



Verfasst: Montag 16. Februar 2009, 13:04
von Strelnikov
Hi Axman!

thans for advice.

The difference in the price between manufacturers is more than in 2 times...

Usually I use Liqui Moly semisynthetic 10W40 oil. it's not so expensive like Motul. and there are not any motor problems.

Are there any oil tests in magazins?

Verfasst: Montag 16. Februar 2009, 17:58
von Axman
Hi Strelnikov,

there might be tests but I haven´t read any lately...sorry.

Just make sure, that you use motoroil for motorcycles...then you can be certain that the clutch doesn´t slip.