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Idle speed

Beitrag von Martin_CZ » Sonntag 29. Juni 2008, 21:21


what is your usual idle speed on a warmed-up engine? My Dog does not like anything below 1100 rpms, which I consider quite high.... It's a bigtwin and I remember seeing many choppers with their idle at cca 800 rpms without any problems.
If I set the idle to 1000 rpms, then very often when I rev the engine (without being in gear - only in neutral) the engine dies instead of revving. It's been 2 months from the regular check (carbs synchro etc.); is it the same at your bikes?

Thanks, Martin.


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Beitrag von moppedwolf » Sonntag 29. Juni 2008, 21:57

Hi Martin,
yepp 11 - 1200 rpms is perfect for the Bulldog.
Less does'nt work right, as you've seen.

I think, 800 is only for old Harleys and some choppers.
But they work not so good after 6000 rpms.
bye :wave:
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