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Beitrag von -santtu- » Montag 17. Juli 2006, 15:19

I have been riding the dog for a while now and some extra power would be nice.... :wink:

This topham kit seems to be easy install - or is it? Air stuff is simple but what about the carbs? I have fixed carbs in my old BMW F650 so I know what not to do. Is there a step by step instructios available for this topham kit?

All information concerning this is highly appreciated!


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Beitrag von Axman » Montag 17. Juli 2006, 23:20

hi - santtu -

first would you please have the courtesy to introduce yourself..??
We really would like to know who we are dealing with..

Then..and only then look into the "Englisches Forum" and you´ll find quite a few threads concerning "more power"

To give you tips we would have to know how mechanically able you are.


from the Axman