Overheating ???

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Overheating ???

Beitrag von the-bunker » Mittwoch 14. Juni 2006, 16:37

I recently did a short 4 day tour in France during the hot weather (28 degrees or more) & found that after 6 hours riding the Dog did not want to rev above 4,500rpm in top gear. Next day everything would be fine, until again after riding for 6 hours the same problem happened.
I've tried reading the German forum for information, but I don't speak/read German & the web-based translators have not helped. I did find a few posts regarding oil temperature but nothing useful.
My dog has the air box & jet modifications with a performance exhaust.
Has anybody experienced this problem, or if you can read German, help me find some information that helps me identify the cause/solution.

Many thanks


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Beitrag von Axman » Donnerstag 15. Juni 2006, 09:24

Good morning Paul,

quite some while ago someone here in the forum experienced a similar problem : after riding in hot weather for some time his engine didn´t want to rev any more...

After following every concievable venue (elctronics, carburettors, fuel-lines etc..)and after various rage-attacks, they finally found the problem :

Under the tank you´ll find a foam-mat. Probably it´s there for sound surpressing reasons. In the heat the glue melted, and part of the mat lay flat on top of the air-filter intake !!! Thus the engine was "air-starved" and wouldn´t rev any more.

After cooling down,the foam-mat "reconfigured" and everything was like before :shock:

This only happens if you modify your airbox so that you have an "open" airbox-cover (without the standad "two-tube-cover"

It´s worth a try..

Let us know what it was..


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Beitrag von the-bunker » Sonntag 18. Juni 2006, 15:22

Thanks for that - you could well be onto something there - as I've got a different tank on with the foam re-glued - so it could be the cause of the problem.

Many thanks for your suggestion - I'll definately investigate.