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Friday evening was raining like * here (my workplace is 40km away from my home), so I went home by car. Sunday evening I came back for the bike and drove slowly, switching from time to time the starter choke position to raise the power to a decent one, meaning to reach 80kmph. Then, after 10 km, suddently the bike started to work normally and it did so for the rest of the trip, with a small slow down on the national road where I was pushing over 120 to see if that's possible. It had a small loss of power dropping down to 110 and than, back in power again, I was able to push up to 160. I had no time to play around to see if the problem is gone, but now it looks to me there is/was a fuel problem. Consumption with all this mess was 285km till the yellow light. More about this tomorrow, today I'm by car.
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