Startengine makes a strange sound

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J.P.M. Werring

Startengine makes a strange sound

Beitrag von J.P.M. Werring » Mittwoch 21. April 2004, 21:42

During a cold start makes my Bulldog a strange sound out the startengine
Is there an other owner with the same problem? When the engine is on temperature the sound is away.


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Beitrag von Axman » Donnerstag 22. April 2004, 06:52

Hi J.P.M..(whatever that might stand for... :wink: )

what kind of noise does your starter make ?? What exactly bothers you about it ?? Does the engine turn over ??

I´ve heard, that a few "Dogowners" have experienced problems with the starter (here in the Forum there is a whole thread about it !) but it´s more like the starter jamming and then not turning the engine over any more..

So, what is your problem ?? by the way, YAMAHA knows about it, so, talk to your dealer about it before you have a mechanical failure..

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