Fixed: Starter Problems

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Fixed: Starter Problems

Beitrag von admin » Dienstag 17. Februar 2004, 21:09

The cause:
In the starter the outside gear wheel ring of the planetary
gear always drives itself, because the anti-twist plate wore out. The
tip looks now as follows: Between the outside gear wheel ring and the
pressure plate an antifriction bearing shim with the masses 62 X 50 X
0.1 mm is put. I received this disk before four years still with
Yamaha under the part number 156-11563-00. Afterwards over this shim
more pressure is exerted after the assembly on this outside gear wheel
ring, so that even with heating of the starters problem-free
funtkioniert. The shim does not cost the world and the repair is
relatively fast settled.

How to do:
Remove the starter wire from connector (6).
Remove bolt no. (4b)

Then remove both bolts no. (5) and no.(4a).

Loosen the tail (1) and the body (2) but keep them together.

The planetary housing (3) is connected to the engine from the inside.
It will not fall on the floor!

Place shim (7) (Genuine Yamaha no.: 1J7-17537-YO-30) in front of the body.
Attach it with some grease.

Replace all parts in opposite order.

The shims are not originally made for this engine but for a
four-cylinder supersport from the eighties.
This part is maby no more produced.

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DSrawing starter
Pic2Shims.jpg (51.23 KiB) 797 mal betrachtet
DSrawing starter
DSrawing starter
Pic2Shims.jpg (51.23 KiB) 797 mal betrachtet
startercure.jpg (17.27 KiB) 799 mal betrachtet
startercure.jpg (17.27 KiB) 799 mal betrachtet
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J.P.M. Werring

Start engine

Beitrag von J.P.M. Werring » Mittwoch 28. April 2004, 10:49

Thanks for help, all papers send to the dog dealer and the bike will be repaired next thursday. Greetings Jos Werring.