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kuryakyn hypercharger

Beitrag von sallow » Freitag 28. Mai 2010, 16:36

Does anyone know if its possible to fit a pro series kuryakyn hypercharger , designed for the dragsta 1100 to the bulldog ?, as its a dragstar engine.

I've seen images of two fitted, one on each side. I presume the one on the left would be fake.

Please help, I cant find any information on this subject anywhere.




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Re: kuryakyn hypercharger

Beitrag von Axman » Freitag 28. Mai 2010, 17:31

..hi Paul,

I know of at least two Bulldogs with these Superchargers..well, the casings at least :o both Superchargers are fakes and are not connected to the intake of the carbs :(

Here you would never get a supercharged Bulldog through the TÜV (BOT) and therefore you would never get it registered..sorry


...es ist ein Zeichen von Intelligenz seine Grenzen zu kennen..


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Re: kuryakyn hypercharger

Beitrag von moppedwolf » Freitag 28. Mai 2010, 17:33

look at maddog's album

Their both fake_s but the covers are clapping if you accelerate, 'cause of the depression.

For further information its better to ask him, not me. :wink:
He wheted my hypercharger on my right side too.
I think he is an artificial egg! :mrgreen:

Axel you dont need some documents, my TÜV-guy never took interrests to the hypercharger.
So dont wake any sleeping dogs or better TÜV-guys! :lol:

WolfsGruss :wave: Unfall? Früher hatte ich zwei linke Hände, heute eine rechte! :mrgreen:
Cop'n'crashfree season!!![/i] :wink: