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Bulldog tyre blues

Verfasst: Mittwoch 4. Juli 2007, 21:48
von mjkazmierski
Hi All

Just bought a 2004 Bulldog, everything's fab except for the handling, which is absolutely abysmal...

The thing is very twitchy at slow/medium speeds (steady as a rock cornering 100-120mph though...), hates slow tight corners and, worst of all, constantly wants to spin the rear tyre when it's wet - lacking all feel and grip, especially on white lines. It's not a V-Max, so power can't be the problem - I'm guessing it's the tyres?

The bike is wearing quite new Metzeler MEZ4 120/70ZR front / 170/60ZR rear - I see no mention of these tyres on previous postings - are these the wrong kind for the bike? Any recommendations for other brands of tyres, because there's no way I'm riding on these through winter (and I'm a 365 days per year kind of rider)

Verfasst: Donnerstag 5. Juli 2007, 10:11
von Axman
Hi M...

the tyres that the factories put on their bikes are of the lowest and cheapest quality and only there, so the rims don´t touch the ground.. :shock: :wink:

Arguably the best year-round tyre for the Bulldog, with the best roadholding (in the dry and in the wet !!) and durability is the Michelin Pilot Road..

My Bulldog came with Metzelers too (mine is from 2003 and came with Z3´s which are even worse than the Z4`s.. I threw them away after two days...on the first day I threw away the handlebar..) and then I tried Metzeler Sportec..not bad, but definitely not for the Bulldog (way too twitchy and worn out after 3.5oo Km´s...)after that I put Pirelli Diablo´s on the bike..not bad but absolutely no comparison to the Michelin I have now.. it sticks like glue (in every test it came out as the winner in the wet!!) and now, after 5.000 Km´s it still looks like new..

Try it and you won´t believe it is the same motorcycle..!!


from the Axman

Verfasst: Donnerstag 5. Juli 2007, 11:53
von WullDee
i can fully confirm Axman's statement, i was very unsatisfied with my originally equipped ME-Z3, too.
Nevertheless, i rode them until the tread was almost gone (4.750Km - very poor).
After mounting my new Bridgestone BT021, the dog was a really new bike.
Attached you'll find the link to the summary of a german Motormagazine's tire test. The german keywords may be translated to english with


Huge thanks

Verfasst: Samstag 7. Juli 2007, 12:58
von mjkazmierski
Gentlemen, you have put my heart at rest... There's something truly lovable about the Bulldog, and I want to ride this bike for many years to come (since I was 16, I've always swapped bikes every year, but I hope this one is a "keeper"), and if that is to happen, it needs to make me feel in control - I shall swap the Metzelers for Michelins or Bridgestones ASAP.

Thanks again for your advice on this


Verfasst: Dienstag 10. Juli 2007, 00:36
von Mick P
Hi Marek

Fitted Michelin Pilot Road 2 on my Bulldog before going on the 4 international like Axman said
Arguably the best year-round tyre for the Bulldog, with the best roadholding (in the dry and in the wet !!) and durability is the Michelin Pilot Road..
1500 miles so far and no flat spot in centre of tyre, and very good road holding.

Best wishes Mick P