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Rear Forks (Swinging Arm)

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Rear Forks (Swinging Arm)

Beitrag von Spyder » Freitag 20. Oktober 2006, 01:35

I have copied this from another Bulldog site any comments
Hi Peeps
I have just today completed my first annual service of Doggie. The Bike has done 3400 miles. I serviced it last at 600 miles. My Bike is just under a year old, and naturally still covered by the warranty. I may be jumping the gun a little by putting this message up, but I urge you all to get the Rear Fork (swingarm) checked for play. It can easily get over-looked cause the Bike only has a sidestand, and I would wonder how many dealers would check for play on a young Bike, and if on a Paddock Stand (which attaches to the Rear Fork) the small ammount of play would be detected! You need to support the front of the Bike, and get a decent Jack with a piece of wood across the back end of the frame in front of the Rear Fork. Leaving the Rear Fork free and the back wheel off the ground by an inch or so. With one hand on the rear of the frame and the other at the rear of the rear tyre, try and move the Rear Fork sideways. It doesn't take a lot of pressure to feel for the movement, there should be NO movement, as stated in chapter 6-65 of the Yamaha manual. My Bike has a very slight bit of movement. I haven't yet contacted Yamaha, however I have a mate that is a Yam' trained technician, and he wonders whether this has happened cause Yam' seems to have changed from taper roller bearings in the Rear Fork of the Dragstar and Divvy, to bushes in the 'Doggie. When opening the throttle on a shaft-drive Bike, the crownwheel attempts to 'climb' the Rear Fork, and the 'twisting' motion attempts to move the Rear Fork in exactly the same way as you test for play in the bushes. It may just be a fault in my particular Bike, but I'm quite surprised the bushes seem worn in such a short period of time. Don't get me wrong, the Rear Fork isn't slapping around all over the shop, it's the mearest of movement, but it's there, and definately the Rear Fork bushes. So, if it's happened to mine, with such a small mileage, I would think it may be an idea to check your Bikes.
Regards, Peter. :roll:

Topic author

Beitrag von Pigion » Mittwoch 6. Dezember 2006, 19:23

Hello Spyder,
I can inmagine you are disappointed about the play in the rear vork. When I red it, I couldn't believe the Bulldog has bushings in that pivot and not needlebearings. Even the low priced Diversion of our daughter has needle bearings in the swing fork. Even the Bulldog has no grease nipple on the swing fork. So that has to be taken apart for greasing after 50.000 kM or sooner.
I did a complete service on the front brakes and was surprised not to find ann trace of anti seize compound on the back of the brake pads. Apparently the level of QA/QC is ferry low in the Italiën factory. Since I have also the screwed starter, which was already a problem in the past, I have to conclude that the Bulldog is a low quality bike.
Regards from the North oh Holland,