Thinking of getting BT1100

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Thinking of getting BT1100

Beitrag von Harryboy13 » Sonntag 10. Dezember 2017, 14:25

Please excuse me, I am English but I cannot find any sites in UK for the Bulldog. I would like to learn from actual BT1100 riders what the bike is like to ride and live with. They are very rare in UK and have had some bad press.
I live in France and have an XJR1300 but I am also thinking of getting a BT. The roads where I live are close to farmland and sometimes mucky and shaft drive appeals. The XJR is chain driven and needs constant cleaning and adjustment.
Any information would be bery much appreciated. Thank you.


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Re: Thinking of getting BT1100

Beitrag von Steve » Montag 11. Dezember 2017, 13:59

Hello Harry,
Welcome to the Bulldog Forum welcomeani.gif
First... you do not need to apologize for being an Englishman ;-)
Here are some English people in the forum.
But what I can tell you in any case that the Bt 1100 is a great and uncomplicated motorcycle.
Try a test drive and you will see it.

It will certainly be the guys from the island to speak ;-)

Best regards
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