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John w: 5th International Bulldog Treffen on You Tube (Samstag 27. September 2008, 00:34)

Hi Everyone,

Log onto You Tube and search using;

5th International Bulldog Treffen Lichtenau Germany 2008

Enjoy! kewl.gif

Best Wishes ~ John W [smilie=hi ya!.gif]

Andi: (Samstag 27. September 2008, 01:12)

here it is :twisted:


great pics, hope to see you next year :thumbleft:

Maddog: (Samstag 27. September 2008, 07:42)

Great :thumbright: :notworthy: :=D>:
Looking forward to seeing you next year :wave:
Best regards

Blubber: (Samstag 27. September 2008, 08:37)

O M G :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D

It is not surprising that our beautiful bike is ridden by beautiful people :lol: :lol: :lol:

Great pics from an absolutely great weekend.
Thanks for that, John.

Hope to see you all, latest next year.

Blubber and Verena.

sandro: (Samstag 27. September 2008, 09:55)

Great pics, great sog, great atmosphere
Thaks a lot for this clip, John - I´m looking forward to the 6th meeting!

Der Christian: (Samstag 27. September 2008, 11:00)

Great super.gif

WullDee: (Samstag 27. September 2008, 11:49)

Hey John,
very cool clip !!!
Makes appetite for more, I'm almost counting the days to the 6th Int'l ...

Mokelito: (Samstag 27. September 2008, 18:35)

first pic´s after my accident -hihihi-
Sitting drinking espresso and eating spaghetti eis!

moppedwolf: (Sonntag 28. September 2008, 12:47)

Hi John,
that's fantastic. \:D/

Maybe you can send the clip to our admin Jörg,
so he can upload the clip in the video-section??

thx a lot + take care so we see us next time at the 6th Int'l. meeting. :P

bye :wave:

John w: (Sonntag 28. September 2008, 13:01)

Hi Guys,

Good to hear from you all ~ we will be there next year for sure!

John w

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