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Axman: "5th International Bulldog Meeting 2008" (Mittwoch 19. September 2007, 10:21)

Hello all,

the 5th International-Bulldog-Meeting will be held in June 2008 from the 19th to 22nd.
At least this date has been set. As to the location we only know, that it will be held in the north of Germany. Where exactly has not been released yet..

So mark this date in your calendar, and for the rest we´ll keep you posted.

Best regards

from the Axman

nippo_: (Mittwoch 19. September 2007, 19:23)

Hallo Axman,
thank you for your information. If it's not too far north a few Bulldoggers from Italy would like to join in this year!

by the way, what does your signature say?

John w: (Mittwoch 19. September 2007, 20:42)

Hi Axeman,

I look forward to seeing you there! :-D Maybe this year we Brits will smash our record yet again by having more than 4 bikes on the trip? I think there will be 4 for definate - we must get others to join the fun! :lol:


John w lol_2.gif (I promise you will spend a lot of time laughing!)

All this and more..... mopedsmile: :beer: :band: mopedsmile: :occasion7: :grouphuuug: :smilecolros: :beer: :givemebeer: :discussion: :downtown: mopedsmile: :-):-):-) :beer: :hotsun: :tongue3: :clapp: mopedsmile: :w00t: :wave: You probably won't want to go home!

Anonymous: (Mittwoch 19. September 2007, 20:58)

@ John W: super.gif :givemebeer: super.gif

Axman: (Donnerstag 20. September 2007, 09:16)

Good morning,

@ Nippo, hey, that would be wonderful to have some Italian bikers at the meeting...makes it truly "International" (the Brits don´t count...we adopted them years ago.. :lol: ) At the last meetings we had riders from the Netherlands, Great Britain, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland and even from Finland!
So, yes, by all means come and join us. As soon as Joerg, our Webmaster, surprises us by telling where the meeting takes place, I´ll post it here. Then you can plan your trip and decide, whether you want to spend a night on the way "up". If so, just tell us whereabouts this should be . As our members come from all over Germany, we´ll find someone living near there who can arrange a Hotel etc.. and from there we can form a convoy and ride the rest as a group..
And my signature says : ...it´s all a matter of taste said the ape as he swallowed the soap...

@ John W.

hi John, that´s the way to go...kick all those "sleeping beauties" into life (not literally, please :wink: ) and make them come over to join the fun. We expect at least ten bikes from Britain...so, that´s your responsability now :shock: :-D
And I promise, that nothing will keep me from joining you next year..!!

best regards

from the Axman

WullDee: (Donnerstag 20. September 2007, 09:27)

I've just placed an invitation to the 5 th International on a swedish Bulldog site - www.bt1100.se .
Maybe some swedish Bulldog riders will join us, too ...

J_Kock: (Sonntag 23. September 2007, 22:22)


@ WullDee, Thanks for the invitation that you placed on www.bt1100.se.
As soon as I get more information on where in Germany this event will be held, I will see if I can get myself and some other Swedish Bulldog riders to join, it really sounds like a great event!!!
In opposite to the Italian fellows I hope that it will be as far north as possible

Regards, Jesper Kock

Mick P: (Mittwoch 26. September 2007, 03:03)

Hi All

I cant let J.W. have all that fun alone so i will just have to go with him.

Mick P

Mick P: (Mittwoch 26. September 2007, 03:27)

Axman i have copied your message and posted it on the green forum lets hope we have some responce and get some where near ten
OK well more than four then or at least four

Regards Mick

jonny teabag: (Mittwoch 26. September 2007, 16:28)

Well you can count me in provisionally for those dates
I will probably tie this trip up with a visit to some friends in north Germany who I'm overdue to visit.
Just waiting for the location so i can plan with more detail, but coming from the north i will be using the Hull/Rotterdam Crossing to Europe
Regards JT

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