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Big Ade: 15th Treffen (Mittwoch 30. Mai 2018, 12:22)

Hello chaps

Hope you all have a great meeting, I would like to be with you and indeed I will be next year.

I can't make it this year because it is my 40th wedding aniversary and my wife wants me to be there too, which is fair enough. Next year will be our 41st and that is less significant so I will be at Treffen 16.

David will not be with you either because he is going to the Isle of Man for the TT with some other bikers. David is a spanner man for a racing team and has been given a set of track tyres for his dog to use on his tour. so some serious scratching will be done, he needs to be safe though because he has anounced that he will be a dad before the year is out.

Everyone be careful, be lucky and be be safe. See you all again next year.


Der Christian: Re: 15th Treffen (Mittwoch 30. Mai 2018, 12:35)

Thank you Ade, till next year.

Steve: Re: 15th Treffen (Mittwoch 30. Mai 2018, 14:40)

Hello Ade,
Thank you and I wish you a nice wedding and many greetings to the whole family.
Until the 16th meeting :wave:


ernst: Re: 15th Treffen (Mittwoch 30. Mai 2018, 16:29)

Hello Ade,
thank you, wishes you and your family all the best.
See us by the 16th Meeting

WullDee: Re: 15th Treffen (Mittwoch 30. Mai 2018, 21:52)

happy wedding anniversary, we'll see next year!