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WullDee: Discussion 15. International Meeting 2018 (Montag 8. Januar 2018, 23:16)

Hi to all english speaking friends out there!
You are certainly very curious about this year's schedule and location of the 15th International Bulldog Meeting. Of course you are! :wink:
Marcel (MAG) took over planning and just announced a few informations in advance.

Hotel-Restaurant Haus Nicklass
Künzelsauer Straße 1
D-74653 Ingelfingen
We've got the whole house for the BOC.
Please don't be afraid by the informations on the Hotel's webpage, there are 40 single and 40 twin/double rooms available.
These are spread over four houses which are located next to each other.

Single incl half-board: 74.00€ per Person/Night
Double incl half-board: 66.00€ per Person/Night

BOC fee is not decided yet but will be appr 18.00€ to 20.00€

The official 'button' for signing up will follow hopefully by end of January, this is just for your information and planning.

Directions: https://goo.gl/maps/KTQYpsMLGxG2
Hotel: http://www.haus-nicklass.de/

Would love to see you again and have one or two :beer:
Cheers, Waldi

Bluedog-NL: Re: Discussion 15. International Meeting 2018 (Dienstag 23. Januar 2018, 14:35)

Hi Waldi,

Thanks for the info. 👊🏻👍🏻✌🏻️👌🏻

After a couple of years the forum has really changed...😅

I have a couple of options:
Warrior meeting en Suisse
MT tour
BOC 15th

I would like to visit them all, but than I can probably sell my motorcycle after the divorce.

Gruss, Henk 'Bluedog'

Big Ade: Re: Discussion 15. International Meeting 2018 (Dienstag 30. Januar 2018, 11:18)


Thanks for posting Treffen 15 detail it looks really good. Sadly I don't think I can make the 2018 bash, you see it is my 40th Wedding Anniversary on June 3rd and my wife is expecting me to be there with her on that day. I've missed a few anniversaries to attend the Treffen but this one is a tough one to avoid, especially as it is going to be an all day big do with hog roast, live band and extended bar time at the local rugby club.

We are off cruising on our boat in April and back home in October with breaks in June (anniversary) and July for a repaint and bottom blacking (boat not me). If anyone is coming to England (North) give me a pm and we will see if we can meet.

David is at the TT during Treffen 15 so I doubt he will make it this year either.

I like the new look of the forum, well done that man.

Be lucky and ride safe.


WullDee: Re: Discussion 15. International Meeting 2018 (Dienstag 30. Januar 2018, 20:46)

Hi Henk,
maybe you should take your wife and tour all these venues ;)

Hi Ade,
Sorry to hear, I think we need to relocate the meeting to Sheffield :)
Wishing you a good time on the boat and a wonderful anniversary party.
Can't get the pics of this blacked bottom out of my head ....