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Big Ade: Treffen 12 from England (Dienstag 12. Mai 2015, 19:35)

Just thought I would post this to let you know where we will be stopping on our way to and from Masserberg for Treffen 12.

I think our party will be John W, Mick P, Dave (my son), John's neighbour and me. Not sure if it may also be Jake and Andy too.

We stay the first night (Tuesday 2nd June) at the Hotel Regina, Groet Markt 45, Ypres.

The next day (Wednesday 3rd June) we cruise off to Germany where we will stay at the Green Mile Hotel, Dürener Straße 2, 52385 Nideggen - Berg.

On Thursday we make a final dash to Masserberg to join you all at the Rennsteig. After much merriment and good times at Treffen 12 we head home again. On the 7th June we stay at The Base Camp in Bonn, which will be nice and then onwards next day (8th June) to Bruges in Belgium where we will stay at the Boat Hotel de Barge.

Big thanks to John W for planning the route and accommodation and I look forward to our tour adventure. If there is anyone who would like to meet up you now know where we will be.

See you soon