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Krock: North /Mid Wales Rideout (Montag 28. Juli 2014, 21:41)

Anyone up for a ride out early September through mid and North Wales? Possibly with an overnight stop for a few beers. It would be great to get a pack of dogs eating up the twists and turns of Wales. Possible recky for 2016 rally?



nissbird: Re: North /Mid Wales Rideout (Montag 11. August 2014, 19:29)

I could be persuaded, I'm in Hereford - wives included? What about you John W?


jake: Re: North /Mid Wales Rideout (Mittwoch 20. August 2014, 10:04)

I'm up for it.

Big Ade: Re: North /Mid Wales Rideout (Montag 25. August 2014, 19:58)

I'm away 13th to 15th for my wife's birthday, I like to leave her alone so that she can think about the past year and how she could make things better for the future. Now how many husbands are that thoughtful?

So give us a date and let's see if I can do it.

Jake, when are you going to spaghetti land?

Andy, have a break and let's raise a glass.

Cheers bud.

Ade-- Mon Aug 25, 2014 6:58 pm --Sorry, made a mistake. I am actually tied up 5th to 8th September but all the other weekends are free.

My wife couldn't tell me specifically what to buy her for her birthday but said she would just like a nice surprise. A metric socket set and a pair of tyre levers should do it then.