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Mick P: Home again 2011 (Montag 27. Juni 2011, 22:25)

Hi All
Thanks for the great meeting. we hope every one got home safe, it was good to see old friends again.
John W and I arrived home safe in sunshine
we were lucky with the weather yesterday and missed the rain.
I know John W will thank you all as well when he gets his PC fixed
Ohh and his Rat Nav got us lost again but we still got home
Thanks again we both had a good time and will be back again next year

Blubber: Re: Home again 2011 (Dienstag 28. Juni 2011, 05:32)

Hi Mick,

thats the kind of message we want to read. I hope we hear the same from Jake and Andy soon.

Well done
Also for me it was a great pleasure to see your noses again.

Lets have a (or some) beer next year in the Saarland.

Take care


moppedwolf: Re: Home again 2011 (Dienstag 28. Juni 2011, 12:02)

Hi Mick,
thats great that you get home healthy again!!

Thanks for this great time we had because of the appearance of the awesome UK-guys!

Big pleasure for all of us, for me its every year a real highlight at our meeting to see the good old island-boys!

Thanks a lot for your sheep-presents. It was a shame to me 'cause ich didn't get any cow-toys for you both.
Always funny to see Daisy and her whole family on her place on my board!

Wanna see you all the next (20?) years!

Have a good time and take care

Der Christian: Re: Home again 2011 (Dienstag 28. Juni 2011, 12:03)

Jake and Andy are in Berlin, so they arrive on sunday.

hotdog: Re: Home again 2011 (Dienstag 28. Juni 2011, 12:48)

Mick, John, "See You next year in the Saarland". :happyhippy:

Ride safe and not to slow. lcop.gif

jake: Re: Home again 2011 (Donnerstag 30. Juni 2011, 11:49)

Hi everyone,
Myself,Lorraine,Andy and Michelle would like to thank everyone for a really good few days.The weather made us feel right at home.We arrived home on the 29th and got two days of very good weather.Thanks to the guys that took us to Berlin,it was good of you.What can I say but nice bikes and nice people and we can't wait until next year.
P.S......Didn't see John and Mick go but glad that you both got home safely and we will have to have a meet up. Eveyone Ride Safe.............Jake.

hotdog: Re: Home again 2011 (Sonntag 3. Juli 2011, 17:13)

Hi Mick, I have sent you a PN (personal message)

take care.