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ronald53: My daughter (Samstag 24. Oktober 2015, 00:25)

Really proud to present my daughter in the voice of Holland:

admin: Re: My daughter (Sonntag 25. Oktober 2015, 01:18)

Gesendet von meinem GT-I9505 mit Tapatalk

Blubber: Re: My daughter (Sonntag 25. Oktober 2015, 07:45)

Moin Ronald,

you can be proud of your daughter. We hope she will make it further.

Verena & Ralf

Big Ade: Re: My daughter (Sonntag 25. Oktober 2015, 09:41)


She has a beautiful pure voice, excellent control and perfect pitch. Too many of today's 'singers/performers' warble either side of the note, shout to their limit and lose the words or their meaning.

I don't care what other competitors she us up against she thoroughly deserves to go forward.

I have sung in competition choirs for over twenty years and we have performed and twice won the Llangollen International Festival (Wales) so I know a sweet voice when I hear one and your daughter has a peach of a sound.

I wish her all the very best, you must be so proud of her.


ronald53: Re: My daughter (Sonntag 25. Oktober 2015, 14:41)

Many thanks to you all, for the positive comment. As you may have noticed, my daughter has opted to use the 1.5 minute of audition time she was given to demonstrate that she is capable of singing this classic song of Queen in various styles, pop and more classic. Her heart is in singing more classical and in musical, but she can also perfectly sing pop songs, jazzy songs, etc. The switching of style in this blind audition is not always understood by the public, and by some of the coaches as well. Luckily, some connoisseurs, like you Ade, are able to appreciate what she has done. In this phase of the competition, showing your capabilities should be more important than trying to persuade the audience to buy your next album.


ronald53: My daughter, The Battles (Freitag 6. November 2015, 22:06)


hotdog: Re: My daughter (Samstag 7. November 2015, 09:47)

Der Christian: Re: My daughter (Samstag 7. November 2015, 18:13)


ronald53: Re: My daughter (Donnerstag 11. Oktober 2018, 23:50)

And now for something completely different:

Der Christian: Re: My daughter (Donnerstag 11. Oktober 2018, 23:56)


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