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Big Ade: Das Boot (Sonntag 20. September 2015, 22:35)

At last our new boat is finished!

It sailed up the Humber from Hull and we collected it last Monday and brought it all the way into Sheffield.

It is moored in the marins there for days out and the winter lay up, then off across England on the canals and rivers.

If anybody is coming over let me know and I will tell you where we are for a meet up (except TT week when I will be on the island with my dog).



WullDee: Re: Das Boot (Sonntag 20. September 2015, 23:20)


ronald53: Re: Das Boot (Montag 21. September 2015, 13:54)

Ah, a narrowboat! Very nice! I understand some people use it to live in. Do you as well?

Big Ade: Re: Das Boot (Montag 21. September 2015, 19:32)


No this is only for pleasure, it travels at only 4mph and you have to open and close locks to go higher or lower on the canal network and these are mostly manual controls. It chills you out better than mogadon and lowers your heart rate to a slow thump.

Then I get the dog out and ride like someone possessed to get the adrenelin pumping.

Funny old world isn't it.


ronald53: Re: Das Boot (Montag 21. September 2015, 21:29)

I known about the locks. You may remember I am a cycling enthousiast and I have cycled quite frequently on towpaths along canals filled with narrowboats and intersected by locks, sometimes several locks in series. Ronald

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Big Ade: Re: Das Boot (Donnerstag 3. August 2017, 16:52)

Hi all
Been off the forum for some time because I have been on our boat. We moved it from Nottingham down to London and we currently on the Thames just outside Oxford heading north sort of. We (me and my wife) will be on the boat until October then back home to do some more work on our house.
I keep looking in when I can to see what is happening so if you are ever waiting for a reply I may not have got your message.
If you are in the UK (Midlands) and want a meet let me know it would be great to have you aboard.

Der Christian: Re: Das Boot (Donnerstag 3. August 2017, 19:21)

Have a nice trip.

WullDee: Re: Das Boot (Donnerstag 3. August 2017, 19:49)

Yeah, the same from me!