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Big Ade: Treffen 11 (Freitag 16. Mai 2014, 17:47)

I'm off to south of France in a couple of days and taking the dog and my son's GSXR750 on a trailer (thanks Andy for the loan). So if there is anyone out there that wants a trip into the Pyrenees/Mediteranian in the next fortnight send me a PM.

To all the British lads off to Switzerland have a great adventure. I hope I can be find the time to go with you next year but 2015 is going to be busy (selling this house and buying another PLUS a boat!!). This means we could meet up for a cruise?

Have a great time and give my regards to the German lads.

Ride safe be lucky and have fun.



WullDee: Re: Treffen 11 (Freitag 16. Mai 2014, 18:07)

Hi Ade,
good journey and a safe ride.
Looking forward to seeing you in 2015, maybe the next location is somewhere at the seaside so you can use your boat for carrying the bikes there

spark76x: Re: Treffen 11 (Freitag 16. Mai 2014, 20:16)

Palma?! :wink:

Big Ade: Re: Treffen 11 (Samstag 17. Mai 2014, 21:17)

Sorry my friend, farthest south will probably be Barcelona and the rides will be days out so can't manage a ferry to your island.

Thanks for the thought though.