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Anonymous: Turbo bike (Mittwoch 8. Februar 2006, 18:08)

Check out this link:-


Paulchen: (Donnerstag 9. Februar 2006, 01:25)

What's next..., electric? :?

I'll stick to my V-Twin... :twisted:

John w: (Freitag 10. Februar 2006, 00:34)


How can you say this? The bike is a Dutch creation - you will all be riding them in 2 years time. Maybe you can fit wings to it as it sounds like a jet plane? Fly to England and say 'Hello!' It will only take 1 hour each way!

John w

Paulchen: (Freitag 10. Februar 2006, 00:59)

Is it Dutch? :oops:

So I also have to apologize for it? :?

And I thought it was a Britisch creation, it looks like an HPB to me...

In that case you don't need wings to fly, just a broom.... :wink:

John w: (Freitag 10. Februar 2006, 10:15)

:twisted: See you at the Halloween meeting then? :wink:

- I found the attached image and it reminded me of you avatar with the dog. Maybe a relative of the dog? :P Don't let Moppedwolf see it! :cool)

Mick P: (Samstag 11. Februar 2006, 16:37)

Looking at that smile and the ears swept back it could be riding that Turbo bike................ or maybe its fear of getting to near the cliff ..
Where is Mopedwolf. ?

Regards Mick

Paulchen: (Freitag 17. Februar 2006, 10:27)

...and the ears swept back...

I think it is trying to fly... :?

May be a flying Dutchgoat? :shock: